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Twittermania April 18, 2011

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I have just spent the best part of several hours chatting to some of my new online besties. Hard to believe that four weeks ago I had not tapped into this amazingly addictive yet interesting phenomenon.  Twitter was hardly for me, I am not famous or funny, rarely interesting and to be honest who really wants to know what I had for breakfast, if I got lucky the night before or where I would be buying my groceries.  I mean please, this was obviously a forum for people with way too much time on their hands!

I knew that one of my real life friends used it to keep her up to date with current affairs and for entertainment.  A popular person and technically savvy, I often pimped her for information regarding local current affairs but was certain this was definitely not for me. Several days later, perhaps by divine intervention Twitter appeared on my phone.  I truly do not know how it arrived, but there it was, the sweet little bird beckoning me to take a further peep.  Before long I was in, complete with user name and a list of friends that had magically been found for me, two of them being my siblings who have not yet realised I’m following them and my real life friend.  So now what?  twiddling of thumbs and a burning curiosity I had no idea where to direct my thoughts and I sat staring into my phone. Thankfully, I was mentioned by said friend and suddenly there were 8 followers, all willing to give me advice and encouragement to keep tweeting.

Hashtags and text slang have become part of my vocabulary and I have received and hopefully given waves, hugs and kisses although I must confess that the little star thingy’s allude me and I think at times I have made up my own slang but there is always someone willing to correct me, usually one in particular but we won’t mention any names.

I have joined in on some crazy conversations, had radio chats about everything and nothing.  Learnt what the perfect bra cup is, (it seems women are more particular about this than men), who shaves or waxes and how people view tattoos. I have been given advice on design topics, design applications, relationships, child rearing, movie choices and domestic bliss including finding slow cooker recipes.  I have flirted, laughed, listened and cried, I have vented a lot and this past month has been oddly therapeutic. 

My Twitter friends are now global and I have met some fantastic people, writers, designers, humanitarians, librarians, mothers, fathers and struggling students. Everyone is willing to say g’day and no matter how much you want to whinge, vent or just spew crap everyone is still okay with it.  Its like the perfect relationship I can really be myself warts and all and I’m still loved and respected in the morning!  Why can’t I be this free in my relationship?  maybe that’s just my relationship but shouldn’t we be able to express ourselves freely and not risk rejection?

Like all new relationships, there are phases,  I am currently in phase one, completely infatuated where everything is magical and I wait with giddy enthusiasm for my phone to beep knowing that I have Tweet, but like all new relationships the moment arrives when we learn that a life exists apart from each other and now its time to find the balance between reality and my new-found world.  I will wean myself away to appropriate usage as its been highly addictive and I have achieved little in the past few weeks but for right now I will keep my phone charged and close by, no point in rushing right?


3 Responses to “Twittermania”

  1. crazycuddles Says:

    Good luck weaning yourself away my sweet. It’s addictive. Highly addictive. I know I’m a boring person and people on Twitter talk me, I love it, I feel loved and liked. A smile to my face. Keep enjoying the twitter, there is so much to learn.

    Great blog too.

  2. Mark Says:

    Awww – I feel honored. It has been fun meeting you too. 🙂

  3. Mrs B Says:

    This was me a few months back! I went in hard and fast after being prompted by a couple of lovelies but then life got nuts and I had to pull back. So I retreated completely from this new world, which was not an easy thing to do, but something had to give. I have come back to it lately though and yup i’m in hook, line and sinker!

    Lets hope that both of us can find that happy medium soon 😉

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