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Is this the path to enlightenment??? July 19, 2011

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Yesterday was the beginning of a new term.

Traditionally school mornings are stressful for me.  It takes several hours to wake Zee from his slumber and get him fed and organised to get out the door and since the Munchkin came on the scene it became even more stressful not only because I had another person to get ready but he whines often as he is can be very difficult to understand (dyspraxia) naturally creating a lot of frustration on both sides.  As the boys have gotten older the seem to annoy each other more so the mornings can be quite loud all this adding to my stress levels and by 9.00am I am generally exhausted.

I have been working on ways to de-stress and one of them is to be organised so in my attempt to start the new term off fresh I spent the night prior being a Domestic Diva and supremely organised.  I cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped floors, sorted out the washing. I even tidied up the office, paid a few bills,  sent a few emails regarding this weeks meetings at school (I’m on 4 committees) and even managed to look at a few blogs and chat to a friend online.

I crawled into bed tired but very pleased with my efforts and happy that the day could start off with nothing to stress about but getting Zee out of bed.

What seemed like moments later Munchkin woke up crying about things I could not make out, somehow I made out the word Playschool (always recorded) so I staggered out and turned on the tv.  Wondering why Grumpy One who normally leaves the house by 6.30 was still snoring I looked at the clock and realised it was 4.30!  What!!  “It’s still night-time! Mummy’s need their sleep!”.  After making sure that he was fed and warm I tried to get a little more sleep when almost instantly I was being ordered to get up! “Come on its a school day you need to set a good example for the children?” WTF??

The morning continued with more mishaps, spilt milk, cut fingers, even Zee telling me that obviously I didn’t love him because I hadn’t woken him (had only been trying for almost two hours!!!) what is it with everyone today.  At some point I had surrended and acknowledged the morning would involve a drive to school.  Some days it just makes this easier plus I can go straight onto the supermarket.

My nice clean house was slowly becoming a dump.  Lego were strewn across the floor, my washing so neatly folded ready to be ironed was tipped out onto the dining table.  After informing Zee that his clothes were already hanging in his wardrobe he informed me that they no longer fitted and was looking for his bigger shirt!  What!!! could he not have told me at the end of last term!!! Sigh

At 8.40 the boys are shunted into the car and we are on our way.  By now I am generally feeling the stress effects taking place but I realised I was actually rather calm.  I had not raised my voice.  Not once!

The day continued as usual.  Did some shopping and watched Munchkin fill the trolley with everything he wanted but rather than getting stressed about it I just calmly put each item back as he went on to his next treasure. Once home I unpacked the groceries, made morning tea, picked up the squished apple explaining once again that food was not eaten on the carpet, played with the Lego even managed to get help putting some of it away.  Washed more dishes with my helper, got a bit done in the office and even managed to make a fabulous roast dinner.

As I was getting ready to go to my meeting I rang Grumpy One and made enquiries as to his whereabouts – he had completely forgotten!  great!  A slight feeling of annoyance arose but nothing beyond that even after asking  Zee to set the table 10 times.  I continued getting ready while contemplating my options, do I cancel or make the decision to leave Zee (14) in charge of Munchkin (4) for half an hour.  The phone rang and I was informed he was now approx 15 minutes away.  Sorted!

So it is day 2 and the house is more messy than it was yesterday! The boys didn’t do the dishes like I had asked, Grumpy One was pleased with himself for stacking!  There is mud in the house from work boots which are never to be worn inside, washing seems to have suddenly appeared in the laundry AGAIN! and beds have been left unmade and yet amazingly I am still feeling calm.

So either I have achieved Zen like qualities over the school holidays or being tired actually works for me and keeps me calm ( of course it could be that I am simply too tired to care).  Whatever the reason I am enjoying this new calmness to my day.  I need peace, I aspire to be like Martha Steward but alas I am not.  I live with 3 males, a dog and a cat.  The house is constantly messy, I have to vacuum a lot but I have been remembering that life is about choices.  I choose to live in a clean house but I choose my sanity more. I choose love and laughter over perfection and arguments and who knows perhaps as this new me evolves it might rub off on my family and they learn how to clean up!.

What are your mornings like?  Do you manage to be super calm and organised because I’m happy for any tips.